Wonder Horse Books

Victoria Hardesty

Nancy Perez

Desert Rose had an idyllic life boarded on Hartley Ranch with her mother. She and the Hartley’s son Brody formed a special lasting attachment. Brody was devastated when he came home from school and discovered Rosie and her mother were gone, taken home by their owner.  A despicable crime occurred that left Rosie, her mother, and three additional horses at risk of starvation and the life of a special and very valuable stallion owned by Rosie’s owner in more dire straits. Brody’s friend, Marianne was the only one who knew how Brody felt about Rosie. She instigated a chain of events to reunite them. When the truth about the missing stallion became known, Marianne and Brody got their friends together to search for him in the vast Mojave Desert where blistering heat, enduring monsoon rains, lightning, thunder, and treacherous flash floods couldn’t stop them. Their hope was if they could find that special stallion, the owner would recognize the deep bond between Rosie and Brody and allow them to be together forever.