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Victoria Hardesty

Nancy Perez

The novel La Duquesa is a fun read. It is the best thing that has happened to Arabian horses in North America in a long time. The characters are engaging and I quickly came to care about them. The story weaves together a delightful fantasy in which horses and dogs can talk, with real horse and rider training practices that attend preparation for an Arabian Nationals competition at real places that I know. It left me wanting to ride and show an Arabian horse again. Reading La Duquesa felt like a thick warm blanket around my shoulders on a chilly night. It is truly a treat. Hooray for authors Victoria Hardesty and Nancy Perez!! I hope that you sell a million copies. It would be good for the country and great for the Arabian breed. You can quote me and use my name. Attagirls!!!

Paul Husband

Thanks for sending the book for Paige. I really enjoyed reading it. 

Sharon VonBoeckmann

Fast entertaining story that throws the reader into the developing mystery and equine fantasy along with writers who know their subject well. Highly recommended for ages 8 to infinity.

Linda Silance Spaulding


Porter Warren

Prince Ali – a charming story for all ages, but above all, please do not hesitate to purchase it for your younger children either. It is fast moving and never boring. It brought tears to my eyes on three occasions. The authors are knowledgeable about their subject and this book is a winner.