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Mountaineer Progress

December 7, 2017 

By Terri Hill 

Dustin Owens, owner of the Feed Barn in Phelan (California) hosted a party for his customers on Saturday, December 2 (2017). This is the second time he has offered a day of fun activities for the public, the first time was two years ago. CAT Country (radio) carried Saturday’s event live on the air with Vicki Ferguson interviewing employees and guests throughout the day.

Dustin said he wanted activities for children because many families attended last time. He provided a bounce house and petting zoo, and archery was available for those who wanted to test their aim.

Also part of the festivities was a book launch and signing by local authors Victoria Hardesty and Nancy Perez. The co-authors of “a series of books about Arabian Wonder Horses” launched their first in the series at the Feed Barn. Prince Ali is the tale of an Arabian champion and Becky, his devoted best friend. When Ali is abducted by thugs who intend to sell him, he must find his way back to Becky.

Victoria Hardesty has bred, owned and shown Arabian horses for more than 30 years. She has written articles for horse magazines and was the editor of two Arabian Horse Club newsletters. Nancy Perez spent 30 years in advertising including work in editing. Having written for her own pleasure and being an avid reader, Nancy decided to write a novel. As Victoria’s best friend, Nancy was “exposed to the Arabian horse and showing world.”

The women have worked on the series through email and occasional face-to-face even sending rewrites and suggestions electronically while Nancy was in Spain. 

This is the pared down version of a newspaper article that appeared following our book launch party on December 2, 2017.